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The Goal is Peace and Harmony


This ‘goal’ seeks to encourage people of all ages and from all walks of life to come together to enjoy, learn, engage and share in peace and harmony.


A real goal to collect any friendship bands that people would like to send will be placed in Western Australia. The net symbolises 'unity' and that we are all connected, the holes stand for 'freedom', and the friendship bands embody the 'humanity' of people’s hopes and wishes.


The goal will also stand for the integration of all community members which is represented in the overlapping of the strings in the friendship bands. This integration forms the basis for harmony which gives strength to communities thereby promoting peace.


The ‘growth’ of this ‘virtual organic installation’ will be posted on this with the hope that it will become an art venture with more real goals placed around the world that will give strength to local communities and indeed the global community.


In this I place my trust - Brigitte Nödler – First posted 3 July 2006

Please send any friendship bands to: PO Box 200, Wyalkatchem WA 6485, Australia





Some time ago a dear friend shared 3 words with me that are very important to him. They have stayed with me ever since. These words are: Home, Belonging and Hope.


Hannover in Germany is the place where I was born and I grew up. It is the place where my father and grandparents are buried and my Mum still lives. It is the place where I played soccer with the number 10 on the back of my jersey for the ladies team of Hannover 96. Contrary to the men’s team we were not in the first division. Hannover is where my roots are and it will always be Home in many ways.


Already as a child though, I had a longing for Australia. I loved crossword puzzles and was always looking for those three spaces that asked for an Australian running bird. When I arrived in Australia and especially when I first saw my place in Fremantle the feeling of longing changed to Belonging. And I could not hope for better neighbours. Without their help and the help of friends over the last years I would not be here.


A discussion about trust and hope - and especially the meaning and the very need of ‘good hope’ - reignited the passion for this art venture once again. It even looked like it would start off in time for the World Cup in Germany 2006 with the first two goals in Hannover (Germany) and Fremantle/Perth (Australia) to set up a ‘global playground’. Hope is something that may still help to make this organic installation a reality - with real goals. Though bear in mind that it is organic - that it may never be finished. This is just a ‘virtual’ beginning to get it going. My hope is that you like the idea and indeed engage with it and contribute to its growth thereby fostering peace and harmony.


It took about six years in which the original idea modified itself. It once started with a friendship band that my niece gave to me, the realisation that the German flag has the same colours as the Aboriginal flag, and a symbol which for some points in one direction as an arrow and goes into its opposite direction as an emu footprint. It made me think that reconciliation may be difficult because we do not communicate the meanings we associate with symbols. We just assume they mean the same for everybody. It has not been an easy six years and every time I did give up and put ‘the idea’ into a big box it came back: bigger, bolder and simpler. So I thought that it must be important and I always gave it another go. This ‘goal’ is a result of these years. Although it is simple at present, it is certainly meaningful.


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